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Med X, The World Leader in Medical and Sports Strengthening Equipment

In 1986 Arthur Jones, legendary founder of Nautilus, sought to perfect testing of human strength, range of motion and endurance. After years of development and research came Med X.
This spinal strengthening system isolates the deep intrinsic muscles of the spine by locking in the pelvis, for lumbar and thoracic rehabilitation, and the trunk and shoulders for cervical re-training.
Med X has allowed our therapists quicker and more effective tools for spinal rehabilitation in a safe, controlled and measurable environment. In combination with other highly skilled techniques, we have witnessed improved outcomes in patients who have failed other traditional treatments.
This unique equipment is offered at Lutheran Spine Center, in partnership with Cherry Creek Wellness Center.
If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please call us at 303-403-6688.

Jaime Davis Leleszi, MSPT, MTC, MT, CSCS
Director of Rehabilitation
Lutheran Spine Care
1687 Cole Boulevard #150
Lakewood, CO 80401