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What is Kinesio Tape?

Whether you are training for your first big run or your 10th marathon, preparing for your next game, or trying to get through your work day without pain, Kinesio Tape may be the edge you need. 

Kinesio tape is a stretchy elastic tape that is used by Physical Therapists and other medical professionals to treat a variety of different diagnoses including but not limited to low back pain, ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries, neck pain, and postural deficits.  It can be used to support weak muscles, retrain inhibited muscles, correct postural changes, or reduce swelling and pain. 

The tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, or tendons to provide support allowing you to remain active while recovering from an injury.  The clinicians at Cherry Creek Wellness Center are trained in kinesio tape techniques and use them regularly to provide relief to their patients and gain impressive results.