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Conditioning Exercises for Ski Season

November 11, 2015

With several ski areas already open and snow on the way, it’s time to get ready to ski!  Even if you’ve been outside hiking and biking this fall, there are specific conditioning exercises that can help you transition with the season.
The most common ski injuries are the Medial collateral Ligament (MCL) in the knee, Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee and the Ulnar Collateral ligament in the thumb (skier’s thumb). 

How do these things happen?

Muscle Fatigue – muscles get tired and no longer are able to react quickly and stabilize key joints.

Collision – With other people, the ground, or hopefully not, but it does happen – a tree.

Poor Technique – catch an edge, twist the knee while the ski stays put, weight too far back in the heels

Equipment – make sure that boots fit properly, skis are the right size, and that pole have straps rather than solid grips

What can we do? 

Start now to build muscular endurance, strength and power.  Warm your muscles before pointing your tips downhill, cool down before sitting in traffic.

Target quadriceps, hamstrings /glutes, outside and inside of hips, calves, core and back.  Better yet – come see one of our practitioners for personal training or a class in Pilates or Redcord.