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Cherry Creek Wellness Discusses the Harmful Effects of Bad Posture

January 18, 2017

Has anyone ever told you to sit up straight? You may have found it annoying, but that person was actually doing you a huge favor. Perfecting your posture isn’t just about looking your best—it helps you feel your best, too. According to the physical therapists at Cherry Creek Wellness, here are some of the harmful effects of bad posture:

Decreased Lung Function

Think of how your body looks when it’s hunched over a computer or slumped in your chair. When you allow your back to curve and your shoulders to hunch over, you restrict the amount of oxygen coming into your lungs. What does this mean? You may find yourself taking more shallow breaths, which means your body won’t be taking in the oxygen it needs to stay healthy.

Issues With Digestion

The lungs aren’t the only internal organs that are affected when you choose to slouch over instead of sitting up straight. A hunched back also causes your intestines to squish together, which makes it harder for digestion to occur. Food may not be able to pass through your gastrointestinal tract as quickly if your abdomen is compressed because of bad posture. As a result, you may experience constipation or intestinal discomfort—all from a few days of bad posture.

Aches and Pains

Perhaps the most common issue associated with bad posture is pain throughout the neck, back, and shoulders. The body is not designed to sit in a slouched position, so if you keep it in that way for hours on end, you’re bound to get aches and pains that linger long after you have stretched out. To avoid chronic pain, keep an eye on your posture to ensure you are not going to pay for poor positioning later. Learn more about posture for a healthy back here.

Stress and Depression

Poor posture not only affects your physical wellbeing, but your emotional health as well. Numerous studies have shown that people who have poor posture are more likely to feel increased levels of depression and lower levels of energy. Furthermore, these studies have shown that bad posture forces your organs, especially your heart and lungs, to work harder to keep your body up and running. As a result, your body feels like it is under more stress, which affects you mentally.


People who have bad posture are creating a lot of unnecessary tension in their necks, shoulders, and spines. This tension will build throughout the day as you work at your computer or slouch over the steering wheel on your long commute, and eventually, it will creep up into your head. If you’ve ever wondered why you get so many tension headaches after a long day at work, it may be time to check your posture.

At Cherry Creek Wellness Center, we’re devoted to helping our patients prevent and treat pain, and correcting your posture is just the beginning! Are you interested in learning more about our services?  Contact us today by calling 303-333-3493 to talk to a member of our helpful staff!